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History :
It all started a few millennia ago, when the forces of Nature scrunched together the land mass that became India, and threw the Western Ghats into a turmoil of highs and lows like a piece of crumpled silk. Later, these hills covered themselves with satiny grass and towering trees, hiding in their folds some of the most beautiful hideaways known (or unknown). Fringe Ford lies hidden in one of these valleys.

A British settler discovered the beauty of the country in 1912, and its huge potential as cultivable land, and acquired the property which he turned into estate, cultivating the local pepper, cardamom and coffee on its slopes. He built the house,that still stands there. He named it Fringe Ford. The name stuck, but nothing else. Fringe Ford changed hands, and soon found its way to its present owner, who decided to give something back to nature with minimally destructive plantation methods. Now, Fringe Ford stretches out over a 1000 acres on all sides, some of it still chalked out for cultivation but a large portion of it turned over to the elephants, the leopards, the squirrels and the other species that call it home. The forest has long grown over the cultivated slopes, and unique species of plants, ferns and massive, rain-giving trees now thicken the hills.

Fringe Ford has come full circle, and today, is one of the few pieces of Malabar rain forest that the world has to show.


Location :
Fringe Ford Estate
Cherrakarra P.O., Talapoya Post,
Mananthavadi, Wayanad Dist.

Geography :
The property lies between North latitude 11* 27’ and  15* 58’ and East longitude 75* 47’ and 0* 21' at an Elevation of 700 – 2100 metres. The temperature shows a minimum of 17 *C to Maximum 29 * C, with rainfall of 5000 to 7000 mm. It has a round-the-year water source, with 1 waterfall, 7 perennial streams and 19 seasonal streams, assuring a continuous sound of running water through your stay.

Rose wood, Anjali(artocarpus), erthrina,  Caussia, Teak, Jack fruit, herbs and medicinal plants, wild orchids and ferns.

Cardamom, coffee, pepper, vanilla, lemon grass, cocoa, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric, areca nut, medicinal plants and herbs.

Indian Wild Dog (Dhole), Elephants, Gaur, Sambar, Barking Deer (Muntjac), Wild Boar, Giant Malabar squirrel, Nilgiri Langoor, Lion Tail Macaque, Cobras, Pythons, Malabar hornbill, Malabar grey hornbill, Imperial pigeon, Sun birds, Parakeets, Lorikeets, Drongos, Wood peckers, Thrushes, Jungle fowl, Tree pies and Bats.