We were here for 6 days, which seem to be too short a time to have spent in Fringe Ford. We were lucky enough to be the only guests here and ended up spending lot of time with Shaji, who turned out to be a interesting species him self. This sense of smell, sight and sound can only complete with a tiger. The jungle, the food, the people, the room with a view is what wed like to come back to again.

- Mahtab and Dharmesh Shah, Bombay

Been to quite a few resorts, both India and Abroad. Never saw anything as mesmerizing, Enchanting and Isolate as Fringe Ford.
Can just sit in the Courtyard and gaze for hours at nothing. The treks, the waterfalls, the tree house and the Leeches all have a charm of there own. Keep the place as it is and please do not add more rooms. Shaji and Mamooty’s hospitality was exceptional and so was the food that was served. We will surely be back for more.

- Nitesh and Antara, Hyderabad

It was meant to be a lovely experience but on these impossibly green mountains nature reminds us that we are but one among her many children!
It was meant to be a Freegan life but Asma, Muthis and company confired up many meals worthy of a local “thamburan”!!
It was meant to be a silent holiday but the many jungle streams provided the chorus for the Mynah’s song!
Happiness Flows out of Shaji’s Hospitality, from Mammootty and a warm glow from the whole place?
On our return friends will be persuaded, families will be cajoled. For nature has put up a spectacular show on the outer “Fringes of Wyanad”!!

Photos were taken but how do you capture a quantum of infinity? Videos cannot capture the perfect stillness.

- Shalini and Anand, Bangalore

We were here for 6 days, which seem to be too short a time to have spent in Fringe Ford. We were lucky enough to be the only guests here and ended up spending lot of time with Shaji, who turned out to be a interesting species him self. This sense of smell, sight and sound can only complete with a tiger. The jungle, the food, the people, the room with a view is what wed like to come back to again.

- Mahtab and Dharmesh Shah, Bombay

Pure Heaven! We are glad we chose to come here for Diwali instead of heading to the more touristy districts of Kerala. What a great Secret the Wayanad is! The hospitality was incredible. Our compliments to the chef. Our toom “Hornbill” was so cozy. We love the simple, tasteful decorations.
Good job Mammooty! Our trekking guides Anil and Shaji were so knowledgeable about all the plants and creations. We could have stayed here 3 weeks instead of 3 nights!
Thanks you for preserving this beautiful land.

- Mr and Mrs Isaac Taefor and Jennifer Cougan, Boston - USA

We arrived with a fever and recovered over night due to the absolute relaxation, Marvelous and strengthening food and the delightful company of Shaji. We didn’t see an elephant because the time was too short, but lots of sheer organics.? For the first time in our lives we were close to a roaring tiger in the jungle by night.
Thank you for everything. We will always remember how good it was here.

- Natascha Bushati and Clemans Grabhes, Vienna, Austria

This place is a small heaven on earth. Incredible, beautiful, I never thought id ever visit such a place. Excellent place to get away from all your world tensions. Very hospitable people, especially shaji (the trekking guide). He took us to the top of the hill from where you could see the whole of the jungle. It was a magnificent view from the top. I don’t have many words to describe this place, this is simply excellent.

The Eden of Kerala

- Emmanuel Light Isaac & Mr Anil Elassery, Bangalore

Get lost! Where no one wants to know! That’s what we did at Fringe Ford, We didn’t want to return to our routine city life. It was a lovely unforgettable experience and Shaji, being the sprit behind all our activities and Mamooty was a generous host.
Hope to return.

- HameedAli. Sharaf & Family, Arshad, Samana & Family, Hussain, Mubaraka & Family, Chennai

A great concept and great place! We need more getting off our Asses! ;)
Amazing view, food, room, bathroom, staff (we can go on!)
We are sure to come back. The staff, especially Shaji were great. Madhu sprained his leg and Shaji was quick to give him a massage with the superb oil. They were almost like family taking care of us and feeding us!?
The book collection, the hammocks and the view were all refreshingly special. “Keep going” to the cook and Shaji.
We will come back for more of the sweet water, refreshing weather, great food and Shaji’s stories :-)

- Madhu and Deepthi, Whitefield, Konapur and Hyderabad

An Enthralling experience. The best part being the food, no phones, no tv and good hosts in form of Shaji and Shabeer. The time just flew and makes us want to come back again for a longer duration. The trek early in the morning was an enriched experience and we managed to do complete justice to the breakfast spread. The kids enjoyed nature and played in the small stream. Learnt a few dishes from the good cooks of Fringe Ford.

We’ll be back!! :-)

- Ravindran and Apparah

I felt welcomed and Spoiled. The Lusciousness of the forest reminded me of the power of life and the beauty of shades, colors, water and sounds. I had time to think, rest and enjoy the amazing walk surrounded by WONDERFUL SMILES, Amazing food and incredible hospitality. GRAZIE!S

Fringe Ford is a place that is impossible to forget. The heart warming hospitality, the delicious food, all the surrounded by the might and beauty of nature.
Thanks you!

- Susanna and Francesca Recchia, Italy (living in Uk & Iraq)

43 years I have been searching for paradise. Finally found at Fringe Ford! Many, many thanks for this unique experience, for the warmth of the hospitality and delicious food and discoveries.

- Pauline, Belgium

Where did the organised chaos that is India go?! Absolutory gorgeous setting, Worth the trouble getting here! Will be back to take my revenge on the Leeches! Great place, very peaceful. Have been told not to except this from the rest of India!

- Ivy Dieltiens (South Africa), Anand Aithal (UK), Tammy Bishop (South Africa)

What a Fantastic place to stay! Thanks to Shaji we saw elephant (including a new born baby), Bison, Nilgiri Langur, Monkeys, Malabar giant squirrels, Sambar Deer and numerous birds and startled 2 tigers in the trees (who we heard and didn’t see) Amazing! You are really close to nature here. The food was excellent and the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone here made our stay unforgettable.
Thank you!

- Shalini Sequira and Andrew Day, London

As Naturalist and passion as Reptile Photographers, we have visited lots of places all over the world, but one of the nicest ones we found at Fringe Ford! The complete staff is really great and extremely friendly.
Thanks so much for the pleasant stay!!!

- Martina and Michael, Germany


Here is what some of our visitors had to say about Fringe Ford.

Unbelievable Place… Completely cut off from the rest of the world. Nestled in the middle of nowhere, perfect getaway to completely chill out and let your hair down, will be back here more often and the hosts, Mamooty, Shaji and Shabir are fabulous, warm and made the stay most enjoyable.

- Gunjan & Kiki, Bangalore

On the road here we noticed a sign that read “As close to Heaven as you can get”. I Could not agree more! The hosts and staff are fabulous. The beauty is breath taking. I regret nothing, except having to leave. Thank you all for making our get away Everything we hoped.

- Shawn Mulloy and David Pilcher, USA & Australia

When we left Bangalore for Fringe Ford we had never imagined what heavenly pleasures and beauty laid in store for us, for our four day trip following.
A land with such a wilderness, Paths untrodden, Blooms untouched and yet such homeliness from the resort, warmth and the comfort of its inmates is bewildering.
Here is where you meet someone like Shaji, who is tired if he is not trekking!
The mouthwatering dishes by Asma. We will miss this place, the beauty and warmth, the sound of the breeze and the call of the wild ?

- Tathgata and Rupsa Chakraborthy, Bangalore

A Perfect Honeymoon destination. Enjoyed every moment spent here. Especially the Candle light Dinner. Thanks Fringe Ford for giving us such wonderful moments to cherish our whole lives!
The food was excellent. The warmth, hospitality from Mr Mamooty, Shaji, Anil and others was awesome. This place is worth visiting again and again

- Anand and Priya Agarwal

What an incredible place. The kids loved the bugs, fireflies, waterfall and dal. The Grown ups loved the beautiful forest, incredible food and chance to enjoy some Trekking in the mountains.
Thank you!! (sorry we were so loud :-))

- Tom, Tracy, Jimmy, Kaye, Precly Murphy

Overwhelming sense of calm and serenity; scenic. The forest welcomed us like as Though we belonged to it, the mystic fog enveloped and took us in its gentle caress. Truly memorable and hospitable. Shaji and Anil were amazing. Looking forward to Another visit. SOON!!

- George, Jenny and Pramod

Fringe Ford is heaven on earth and we where Queen and King. I wish if it was real and we could stay forever. We have now realized who and how is mother nature. We will Come back home (fringe ford) very soon and very often. The care, love and service Was amazing. Shaji, Anil, Muthu and the two shy ladies were beyond expectation. They are all very compassionate people with lots of commitment.
God Bless all of you.
Really don’t want to go…..

- Archana and Shaibal

The fringe Ford Experience is easily one of the most fabulous holidays we have ever had. The beauty of the place is incredible. Shaji is wonderful! To meet such a person with so much passion for the land. Nights spent around the bonfire while shaji kept us entertained. We will never forget.
The food was wonderful. I don’t ever want to leave, But the memories will keep going and we will be back

- Akhila Pradeep, Bangalore

Coming here was a perfect getaway. I am so glad that my niece picked the spot for our family get together, which turned out to be a truly bonding experience. The unspoiled beauty of this place takes my breath away and brings back memories of us going to hill stations as children with our parents. The guide and the care taker Shaji proved to be a very knowledgeable person and also seems to have a passion for his location.
Thanks you for a memorable experience.

- Amitha Sunderram, USA

A “Super” time out from the hectic pace of India. With stories, wildlife and florae spotting from Shaji and expert information from Mamooty, a truly amazing and peaceful experience. Mamooty has created a very artistic way, something very special, its not just the building and the forest, but it the people that make this also a special place.

- Heather George, Australia


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